Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Aug. 4, 2021

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Check it out: Beat summer’s heat with cool blue picture books


Even though we haven’t seen much moisture in the weather department, I’ve been thinking a lot about water. Cool, blue water to be specific. Perhaps I need to go spend a weekend at the beach — or buy a wading pool and park myself under a tree. In any case, blue is the color of choice for this week’s column.

As it turns out, blue-themed picture books abound in the library’s collection. From cottages to tables, icebergs to trucks, birds to cats, there is something blue for every young reader. When the days are warm, blue is a cool color to help ease high temperatures. Take a look at the picture book suggestions in this week’s reading list, and above all, stay cool.

“Benjamin’s Blue Feet” written and illustrated by Sue Macartney.

Why does a blue-footed booby suddenly become insecure about his tootsies? Read “Benjamin’s Blue Feet” to find out why and what he ends up doing to become comfortable in his own skin … and feet.

“Blue Cat” written and illustrated by Charlie Eve Ryan.

A sweet story about a blue cat named Blue, of course, who hears an unfamiliar sound and has a feline adventure while searching for the source.

“Blue Floats Away” written by Travis Jonker, illustrated by Grant Snider.

An engaging story about the water cycle, a little iceberg breaks away from his family and experiences a journey of transformation.

“Blue Monster Wants It All” written by Jeanne Willis, illustrated by Jenni Desmond.

You’ve heard of the green-eyed monster, I’m sure, but have you ever met a blue monster who wants everything? And not just small stuff like a new hat, but big things, too, as in a submarine. Up, periscope! There is a lesson to be learned here — money can’t buy everything — so can Blue Monster put his material wishes aside? Check it out.

“The Blue Table” written and illustrated by Christopher Raschka.

Sometimes a piece of furniture isn’t just a piece of furniture as the reader learns in Christopher Raschka’s “The Blue Table.” Memories are made as families gather around a blue table for meals, connection and gratitude.

“The Little Blue Cottage” written by Kelly Jordan, illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle.

A little girl and her family spend every summer living in a blue cottage, and this makes the little girl and the cottage very happy. Then for a long time the cottage remains empty — and sad. Will the girl ever come back? Yes, and the reunion is that much sweeter when the girl, now a mother with her own family, returns and repairs the little blue cottage.

“Time for School, Little Blue Truck” written by Alice Schertle, illustrated by Jill McElmurry.

If you were a little blue truck, wouldn’t you want to be a big yellow school bus? A school bus has an important job, taking students to school, and Little Blue Truck wishes it could be important, too. So, what happens on the day when a student (a very sad piglet) misses the bus? Add “Time for School, Little Blue Truck” to your little one’s reading list for a happy, automotive ending.