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Two years after her first attempt, ‘This is Us’ star Mandy Moore summits Mount Baker


BELLINGHAM — After a crevasse kept her from reaching the summit two summers ago, “This is Us” star Mandy Moore recently completed the trip to the top of Mount Baker, and this time she did it while pumping breast milk for her months-old son along the way.

Moore posted pictures of the trip on her Instagram account Wednesday, July 21, saying, “I have been hungry for some time in nature and my mind has been dreaming about mountains for this last year and half.”

Moore said she made the climb to the top of Whatcom County’s 10,781-foot active volcano with friends and climbing partners Melissa Arnot Reid (the first American woman to climb and descend Mount Everest without oxygen) and Adrienne Schaefer.

The trio attempted to climb Mount Baker in 2019, but Moore wrote that they had to stop approximately 1,000 feet from the top, “when a giant crevasse prevented us from feeling safe enough to continue.” Making it this year, Moore wrote, made it “sort of Redemption 2021.”

“This being my first ‘technical’ climb and not being as physically prepared as I would like, had me feeling a little uncertain about what to expect,” Moore wrote. “BUT I kept ruminating on what a privilege it is to move my body and how grateful I am for all it has done and continues to do for me. Wherever we got would be good enough for me.”

Moore and her friends considered climbing Mount Rainier, but high winds and late-season conditions made that a no-go, so they decided to retry summiting Mount Baker.

“We hiked into camp, tried to sleep from 8-11, I woke up and pumped, got dressed, got some calories in and off we went into the night with our packs, helmets + headlamps, ice axes, crampons…. All of our gear,” Moore wrote. “It took us about 4 1/2 hours to reach the summit and catch the sunrise lighting up the numerous other Cascade peaks all around us.”

Making Moore’s climb even more impressive was it fact that it was the 37-year-old mom’s first trip away from her infant son, August, whom she gave birth to in February, according to a story by Women’s Health.

Moore didn’t let the climb or waking up at 12:01 a.m. stop her from pumping breast milk, as Moore posted photos on her Instagram fan account of herself pumping after waking up, on the way up the mountain and even at the summit, including the caption overlay “New realities of adventuring” on one of the photos.

Moore wrote the experience on Mount Baker not only fed her desire to climb mountains, but it also allowed her an opportunity to reflect and grow.

“It was definitely challenging to get up there but I honestly found the descent back into camp to be the harder part (it felt endless, my legs felt like Jello, my toes were hitting the front of my boots with every step down) and I started to spiral and became increasing disappointed in myself that (I) couldn’t handle the discomfort in the way I had expected of myself,” Moore wrote.

“Upon reflection (and some unpacking of this micro-adventure with Melissa on the way to the airport yesterday), I realized that this is what I do. I have these unfair expectations of myself, especially when it comes to new things and am the first to apologize to those around me and to demean myself for not getting something ‘right’ immediately. Whew. It’s something I will continue to recognize and work on. Perfectionism is a real bear.

“I’m grateful for the gentle nudge from Mother Nature herself to be kinder to myself and I can’t wait for the next mountain endeavor to put it into practice.”

According to, Moore started her singing career at an early age and recorded her first album, “So Real,” when she was 15, and she made her first tour with the Backstreet Boys.

She also showed a penchant for acting, earning an MTV Movie Award for her role in “A Walk to Remember” in 2002. She starred in a number of other movies, including “Chasing Liberty” (2004), “Racing Stripes” (2005), “Because I Said So” (2007) and “License to Wed” (2007) and was Rapunzel’s voice in Disney’s “Tangled” (2010).

Most recently, she’s headlined NBC’s “This is Us,” which recently completed its fifth season.

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