Sunday, September 26, 2021
Sept. 26, 2021

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Letter: Preserve equestrian facilities


With respect to the code changes Clark County is attempting to make to horse facilities via the Rural Equestrian Facility Task Force, I see this as an attempt to force horse facilities to close.

We personally moved to Clark County eight years ago so that we could have a small farm and allow our daughter to grow up and run around with animals. We as equestrians only have a few places to live in the county. I love riding my horse and spending time with her. I am very grateful I have the ability to do so.

Growth is inevitable, but it is also unfair for people to move next to existing horse farms and then start complaining about them. When you move next to a farm, there are animals, there will be noise, there will be dust, there will be people working. To then try and put in grievous codes which treat a horse farm like a commercial warehouse instead of the agricultural farm which it is, is unethical and undermines people who have lived and farmed in Clark County for years.

We love our county and we love our horses. We want to stay in our homes and farms and keep a way of county life that is disappearing much too quickly.

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