Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Sept. 21, 2021

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Weather Eye: Today, Friday hot; slightly cooler for weekend


Hot weather today and Friday with mid-90s today and upper 90s and maybe touching the 100-degree mark Friday. We’ll have cooler temperatures on Saturday in the low 90s and then back to the 80s for Sunday and beyond.

Today’s high in the 90s will only be our second day this month and Friday will be number three. We have had a few close calls with highs stopping a degree or two under 90 degrees. Overall, without an excessive number of 90-degree days we are running a couple degrees above the average mean temperature. Amazing because we have also recorded 10 days with highs below the seasonal average. Many mild overnight temperatures also helped make it warmer than average.

Of course, no rain in the gauge this month, nothing but spiderwebs. None expected for a while either. Speaking of spiders, have you noticed great numbers of spiderwebs everywhere? I see spiders almost everywhere I go.

Speaking of insects, I had a couple of replies from readers that have recently heard the crickets. I haven’t heard any yet.

With mostly clear skies late Tuesday night, I spent time watching the stars, looking for the Perseid meteors. They began on July 17 and run through Aug. 26. After the moon rose it became more difficult for viewing. Mark on your calendars Aug. 11 to 13 for the best viewing during the peak of the meteors. With no moon to illuminate the sky, and if the weather cooperates, they are expected to be spectacular this year.

Take care during the extreme heat today and Friday.