Thursday, September 16, 2021
Sept. 16, 2021

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Tips for picking the perfect sofa for your space


Long or short, chaise or sectional — what are the best options when it comes to a sofa?

One general rule of thumb is to pick your larger pieces first such as your sofa before making smaller selections such as chairs and accents. A sofa is really the foundation for the room and can make or break a room when it comes to floor plan and layout.

When selecting a sofa for your space, here are some general rules of thumb.


1. Choose your sofa once you have a chance to understand how you wish a space to function.

2. Choose a neutral-colored sofa if you are looking for a pieces that are timeless and can be used in different parts of the home and move with you from home to home.

3. Consider a sectional, especially for corner spaces.

4. Use longer sofas along long walls to help fill a space.

5. Look for style, feel, function and comfort.


1. Don’t purchase a sofa without measuring the space where the sofa will go in advance. Be sure to allocate room on either side of where the sofa will sit for circulation and flow.

2. Don’t overlook hospitality-grade fabrics. Many designers solely choose hospitality-grade fabrics because of durability.

3. Don’t forget to consider using lower-profile sections of a sofa to form a single unit such as pairing two chaises, a left and a right side together.

4. Don’t dismiss the beauty of leather and faux leather. Once considered outdated, these materials are still considered to be modern and on trend.

5. Don’t purchase sofas in fabrics or colors that are considered trendy or won’t last the test of time.