Monday, July 26, 2021
July 26, 2021

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Letter: Quiring O’Brien lacks knowledge


Ms. Eileen Quiring O’Brien, who demonstrates her lack of scientific education each time she comments on vaccine issues, is an impediment to the safety and good health of children ages 12-15.

In my opinion, if a child is intelligent enough to seek a vaccine, they are capable of making their own choice without the permission of a parent or guardian. This is not only true for the current COVID vaccines, but also for the HPV vaccine, which is most effective when given to preteen children and prevents the development of cancer later in life. Certainly, my husband would have time-traveled back to his youth to obtain the HPV vaccine in order to prevent the radiation treatments he had to undergo for an oral cancer caused by this insidious virus. Some parents, however, refuse to vaccinate their children with this valuable tool out of fear that it will somehow open the door to sexual promiscuity.

Ms. Quiring O’Brien, who apparently subscribes to alternative facts, should undergo a complete immersion in vaccine education before arguing the risks and benefits with the well-educated and extremely patient folks at Clark County Public Health. Her lack of knowledge of this subject matter is cringeworthy and reflects poorly on our community.

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