Monday, June 14, 2021
June 14, 2021

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Weather Eye: Cloudy, cool and sometimes damp weather remains


The Climate Prediction Center issued their three-month outlook for the period June through August, and it indicates our temperatures may be warmer than average and our precipitation below normal. Of course, this doesn’t mean each day will be warm and dry.

Take this week for instance. Clouds and showers will be near to us through the week. Some forecast models show we could have an inch of rain on Friday. Do you believe that? If so, that would help greatly in our drought conditions.

Monday as of 5 p.m. we couldn’t even reach our normal high of 72 degrees. The best we could do was 66 degrees. Today through Friday we see highs only in the 60s. Over the weekend, we see less clouds and highs in the mid- to upper 70s, at least according to forecast models.

This cloudy, cool and sometimes damp weather of late reminds me of our famous Rose Festival low that usually settles in around the first of June and brings showers and cool conditions for Portland’s festival. No festival this year but we have the cool weather.

The first week of June is past and we managed to only get 0.03 of an inch in the rain gauge. I did hear from many of you in our foothills with a half inch or better. Our average mean temperature is running 5.5 degrees above normal at 67 degrees. Of course, that was influenced by a pair of 90 degree or better highs the first two days of the month.

In contrast, Sunday’s high was only 62 degrees, the coolest high temperature since a 61-degree high on May 25. I mentioned the other day that this cool air mass over us could bring snow down to the range between 5,000 and 7,000 feet in the Cascades. A brief winter interlude in June.

In the scattered showers on Sunday did you see a rainbow? There were a few around. I was driving north of Felida Saturday and saw many people picking strawberries. It has been perfect weather for the luscious fruit, my favorite.

Enjoy the hit or miss showers today and Wednesday and we’ll chat on Thursday and see how that rain is shaping up for Friday.