Thursday, June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021

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Letter: Library inaccessible for some


I am a disabled military veteran with extreme mobility issues. Because my options for able-body activities are compromised I use the Vancouver library mail book service extensively.

For years, us who are senior or disabled could have the books mailed to our homes with a prepaid bag to return them. Then the library stopped the return book program.

Now I have to coerce someone to take my books to the library — a major imposition. An additional slap to us who are disabled is there are no curb service drop-offs. In fact, many local libraries require a walk of hundreds of feet to the book slot on the buildings.

I personally spoke to Ms. Amelia Shelley, who is the library director, about this over a year ago and she said she would find a solution. Nothing has been done.

Her decisions have disenfranchised all of us who are not able-bodied and cut us off from important community services. I am sad that the library has sunk to such a low standard and compassion.

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