Tuesday, June 15, 2021
June 15, 2021

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Letter: Be bothered by others’ pain


I’m responding to Marc Chamberlin’s letter regarding his and a small group of people’s sensitivity to the sight of needles going into arms (Our Readers’ Views, June 3). I’m far more bothered by the images of body bags on gurneys waiting to be refrigerated because so many people are dying, children who live in the richest country in the world sleeping on the street, and elderly people of all races being assaulted on public streets just because they’re perceived as an easy mark or belong to a certain race of people.

I’m bothered by images of long processions when a law enforcement officer of any race is gunned down simply because of their uniform. I’m bothered by the images of war-torn countries and watching the dead, broken bodies of children being carried by sobbing, grieving family members.

We’re all bothered by something. We only need to stop and think about how sensitive or bothered by any of the aforementioned circumstances the people directly involved must be. When we’re willing to do that, it stops being about us.

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