Wednesday, June 16, 2021
June 16, 2021

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Letter: Give Vancouver Free Fridge a chance


In the wake of widespread systemic failure exacerbated by the pandemic, our city has seen a poverty crisis that is, as usual, disproportionately affecting BIPOC members of the community. We are tired of it. We are tired of inequality and systemic racism, and we are tired of the ineptitude of our government that does the bidding of capitalism first and foremost, leaving us to pick up the pieces.

Vancouver Free Fridge is offering a popular form of aid called mutual aid. It is effective and simple. It says, “We are all together, and I am no better than you. I stand with you in solidarity, not charity. Nutrition is a right.” We share what we have, and we take what we need.

We reject this faux meritocracy, we reject the notion that there is not enough for everyone to live a dignified life, we reject our culture of fetishized individualism, and we are creating a small hub adjacent to these crumbling systems to sustain us when they inevitably fall. We know that communities can take care of each other.

Vancouver Free Fridge is here, and here to stay. To supporters: Please get involved. To the naysayers: Give us a chance.

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