Thursday, December 9, 2021
Dec. 9, 2021

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Weather Eye: Hope you enjoyed rain, it may be the last for a while


We finally managed to get some soaking rains and it is a good thing because we may not have any until the fall season. The remaining days of June appear to be mostly dry. Not ruling out rain but if there is any it will be on the lighter side of things.

So how much rain did we have? That varied around the county, as many areas had some good downpours. Officially in Vancouver we measured .08 of an inch on Friday, .27 of an inch on Saturday, .70 of an inch on Sunday and .35 of an inch as of 3 p.m. Monday. That brings our monthly total for June to 1.44 inches, nearly a half-inch above average.

That amount is more than what fell in both April and May combined. Also more rain than fell in March and the heaviest four-day precipitation total since Feb. 18, and that was mostly all snow, if you remember that winter event.

So yes, it was a milestone and a welcome one at that. Surprisingly enough, we had more rain here in Clark County than what fell on the southern Washington Coast. Monday with lots of clouds and showers, the Long Beach Peninsula had blue skies and sunshine. Go figure.

I was out in Ridgefield around 11 a.m. Monday and it was pouring down rain like it would do in November perhaps. Crazy weather. Just last week before we began to get the rain, Clark County slipped from a moderate drought category to severe. I’m sure this batch of rain helped but with warmer weather on the way it will remain status quo. We would need several inches of rain to bail us out.

I’ll share local rainfall amounts from last month with you later in the week and even though it was a fairly dry month, there were some surprise amounts due to heavier showers. You can skip watering for a few days but we jump into the 80s in a couple of days. Could we see 90 degrees?

Take care and we’ll chat on Thursday.