Saturday, April 17, 2021
April 17, 2021

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Letter: District ignores taxpayers


Public schools have a hierarchy. The teacher answers to the principal, the principal answers to the superintendent, the superintendent answers to the school board and the school board answers to the taxpayer. Why does the school board continue to ignore this structure when it’s convenient and expeditious for them? What company has a structure where a manager fires an employee and the CEO isn’t entitled to know the reasons? The school district has no problem stating publicly all the reasons when a teacher is fired. But the superintendent?

Let’s start new. When you hire the next superintendent, add a clause in their contract that says when you’re fired for cause that reason will be disclosed to the taxpayers.

Evergreen Public Schools did this with their last superintendent, too: no accountability, and expensive. If nothing else, show some backbone and disclose to the public the reasons why you terminated the superintendent. The public will respect you more for trying to do what’s right and for your transparency.

As for Webb, how about we honor his contract and have him live out his timeline sitting in a small room off campus and grade high school English papers to help out until the end of his term?

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