Tuesday, April 13, 2021
April 13, 2021

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Letter: Vaccine transparency is needed


Great column on the opinion page of The Columbian by Danny Westneat, columnist for The Seattle Times, clarifying that Washington is following guidelines laid out by medical ethicists for the federal government that seniors are more at risk (“Fixing the vaccine system,” Feb. 21). Oregon’s governor decided K-12 teachers are more important than people 65 and older. His column did not mention the number of Kaiser medical clinics in and around Vancouver.

At 87, with 15 years with Kaiser, that prides itself as a great medical system, my wife and I wonder why Kaiser had not sent out a letter to members explaining this. Why are my Kaiser doctors afraid to explain this when we see them and ask what’s going on? My brother and his wife live in Seattle, also Kaiser members, and have had their vaccines. As a retired teacher, I would certainly give up my place in line. That is, if I could ever get a place in line for my wife and I.

We are upset with the secrecy and Kaiser for not speaking out so members in Vancouver know what’s going on.

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