Monday, April 12, 2021
April 12, 2021

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Letter: Give Congress minimum wage


The Trump administration clearly showed us there are a great number of bigots in our nation, people who feel equality and religious freedom apply only to themselves. And that many of these bigots are Republicans in Congress. They know exactly what equals a living wage. They know the current minimum wage is enough for anyone, and should not be raised.

Let them prove themselves, let them walk the walk. Decree that all politicians serving at the national level are to be paid only the current minimum wage so long as they remain in office. We’ll save money, they will show off their fiscal prowess, and all who disagree will have to bow to their genius. How could they object, since they are sincere about fiscal conservatism? Besides, public service is an honor and a privilege, not a cash cow, right?

This will never happen, of course, because Congress sets its own salary (don’t you wish you could set yours?) paid for with your money. Plus, their fiscal concerns apply only to average Americans. They had no problem spending big to give huge tax breaks to the wealthiest few, remember? But helping poor people during this pandemic? They did some, and that’s enough. You don’t need more! And their own salaries are sacred! But if we actually could limit them to minimum wage, we would quickly identify those who serve us, versus those who serve only themselves.

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