Monday, May 10, 2021
May 10, 2021

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Letter: ‘Equal’ treatment is impartial


Much has been espoused recently about social justice of different races, but there is a huge difference between equality and equity. Equal treatment is unbiased and impartial, while equity projects equal outcomes achieved by preferential treatment and judgments of groups versus individuals: in direct contrast of this nation’s creed and traditions.

“Equity” is the most recent term from the progressive word salad that implies social intervention, ideological re-educations and economic redistribution. Previous incarnations included the less palatable “quotas” and more unpopular “affirmative action,” both descriptions which have now been abandoned.

The claim of present harm from unfair treatment of previous generations of disadvantaged childhood should not burden society with permanent entitlement programs that for the last two or three generations has not ameliorated minority poverty or educational outcomes. Only human agency as practiced by individuals will overcome life’s unfair starting line.

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