Friday, May 7, 2021
May 7, 2021

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Letter: Neighbors’ requests are reasonable


I reside in the Evergreen Highlands Neighborhood. Recently there have been some letters indicating that the residents in this neighborhood are opposed to the Heights Development Plan. Even though I am not a part of the coalition, I have been welcomed to attend their virtual meetings and have done so.

All meetings have talked about how great the plan is and how it will improve the look of the area as a whole. Several people, myself included, have noted that it would be nice to have a place nearby if we ever need to downsize. The only thing anyone in the neighborhood has asked for is less density and more parking.

There have also been numerous meetings between the city planning commission and two neighborhoods in this area and the same two things mentioned above have been requested with rational reasons to back up the requests.

Knowing of the above information firsthand, I would like to know why some recent letters to the editor indicate that the neighborhoods involved in the Heights Development Plan are against it. The people I listen to are for the plan and are only asking for a little less density and more parking.

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