Friday, May 7, 2021
May 7, 2021

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Weather Eye: Vancouver wraps up April with new precipitation mark



We did it, folks! Vancouver has a new record to place in the books. This past April was the driest ever recorded at .33 of an inch of precipitation, which surpassed the old record of .39 of an inch in 1939. Reliable weather records go back to 1896, so that is quite an accomplishment, in my opinion.

Of course, we really need the rain, and we are almost running out of time before the dry summer months of June, July and August are upon us. This week, we may see some showers, but most of the week will have partly cloudy or partly sunny skies. We could see a few showers Tuesday and Thursday.

Bottom line: Even if we get some showers this week, at this point I don’t see any heavy downpours to help relieve us of the dry conditions. With such a dry start to spring, we will sooner or later be concerned about the water supplies come summer.

Hopefully, there will be enough snow in the mountains to fill the reservoirs in northern Oregon. The farther south in Oregon you go, the worst drought conditions will be due to less snowpack. The Washington Cascades are near normal and actually above normal northward toward Puget Sound.

The typical weather in May is less cloudy than in June. That is because of the typical morning clouds and afternoon sunshine we see in June. Cloudiness in May usually comes from weather systems moving through with showers and then clearing periods in between.

There are fewer days with those low clouds we see in early summer. Let’s hope at this point that we get at least a few good rainstorms this month.

For gardeners, good news: I see no frost this week, not even in the colder outlying areas. I still usually wait until Mother’s Day to set out or plant warm-weather crops. (As soon as I wrote that, I realized Mother’s Day is next Sunday. Goodness, where does the time go?)

Enjoy the nice weather this week.