Friday, May 7, 2021
May 7, 2021

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Letter: Child care boosts economy


I am so grateful that our president understands the importance of child care and early childhood education. Child care allows parents to work, and high quality child care allows children to thrive. In our state, absenteeism due to lack of child care coverage cost employers $2.08 billion in 2019. Not only do parents depend on child care, so does our economy.

The average family in our region pays 14 percent of their income for one child in child care, according to Support for Early Learning & Families’ State of the Children report. Biden’s plan caps it at 7 percent.

Nobel laureate in economics James Heckman’s studies have shown that every dollar invested in early childhood gives a minimum return of $7. That comes in school readiness, better grades, and less cost for special education, health care, and criminal justice spending later in life.

We went directly from watching Biden’s speech to a Zoom class on the Sermon on the Mount. It seemed like a natural transition. Policies that reduce childhood poverty and give families a chance feel an awful lot like blessing the meek.

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