Friday, May 7, 2021
May 7, 2021

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Letter: COVID caution still necessary


As more COVID-19 vaccines are distributed in Washington, a collective question begins to rise: Is the pandemic finally over? Unfortunately, the answer is more complicated than we’d like.

Though vaccines can protect us, we must still be wary. It’s exhilarating that soon we’ll be able to hug our loved ones, see our friends, and attend concerts again, but we must be careful not to run too quickly back to normalcy. We must continue to exercise caution, as much as we might want to throw it to the wind. Many have yet to be vaccinated, and some have made the personal decision not to be. We must continue to wear masks, even with our newfound “invincibility.”

We will break out of this lockdown yet, but we must be patient and allow things to progress slowly rather than rush and be unsafe.

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