Tuesday, May 11, 2021
May 11, 2021

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Letter: Bottom line: Get your shots


We can go back to normal.

The first the year, the worry was when and how could I get the COVID-19 vaccine. My wife and I were very fortunate we didn’t have to wait long. Easy-peasy, no side effects at all.

Now in our country we have been able to produce far more doses of vaccine than anywhere in the world. People are dying faster in other countries, yet with the understanding that it will be immunity that will kill the virus our fellow Americans are relaxing thinking it won’t infect them.

Our world is so small with travel times, so short this virus can be anywhere within 24 hours. Sure we can restrict vacation travel, but what about the essential travel, food and supplies?

The figures are saying only 30 percent of our population has been vaccinated with both shots. If you like to continue being able to go out to dinner for a couple of weeks then see your restaurant close for a month or two because of a new spike, just expect it to happen. Bottom line: get your shots, encourage those who feel it won’t infect them to get theirs. Remember it’s free and there are openings very day.

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