Tuesday, July 27, 2021
July 27, 2021

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Letter: Save Idaho wolves


I am asking Idaho’s Gov. Brad Little to veto the bill coming to your desk this week which would allow the killing of 90 percent of the wolves in Idaho. It is a very inhumane war on the recovering wolf population, and should not be undertaken. It amounts to a declaration of war on Idaho wolves.

If this bill is passed and signed by you, I will activate a national and international boycott on goods sold by Idaho by activating my website: BoycottIdahoProducts.com.

This website will contain a list of all products exported by Idaho in the order of the value of the export, so that people everywhere who support the just treatment of animals can boycott these products. No. 1 is most likely Idaho potatoes, but there are many other exports that are vulnerable to boycott. I hope that this boycott does not need to be initiated.

Please veto the bill.

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