Thursday, June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021

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Letter: Don’t give Trump a platform


Donald Trump should not be allowed to access a platform on social media ever again. After reading “Whose ‘Big Lie’? Trump’s proclamation a new GOP litmus test” (Associated Press, May 3) by Jill Colvin and Steve Peoples, it is clear that Trump’s continued lies are a proven dangerous cost to our democracy.

It is difficult to watch a morally and ethically bankrupt Republican Party destroy itself because they won’t accept verified facts that lead to the truth. Over and over they have shown that there is nothing they won’t do in their attempt to hold onto power. And the leaders of the party continue to deliberately try to shape the beliefs and views of their constituents with lies and deception. Why do truth, honesty or virtue not work here anymore?

Trump needs social media platforms to continue his lies on a large scale. Now that Facebook, Twitter and Google have decided to continue blocking him because of a “serious risk of violence” (“Facebook Oversight Board Upholds Social Network’s Ban on Trump,” The New York Times, May 5), it will help to give Americans a better chance to deal with his dangerous distractions, for now.

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