Tuesday, June 22, 2021
June 22, 2021

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Letter: Mend country, move forward


My response to Bob Zak’s letter (“Verdict made mockery of law,” Our Readers’ Views, May 2): I watched the trial of Derek Chauvin. I was sad, disgusted and relieved when the verdict was read. Guilty!

I watched a peace officer murder a man who was face down on the pavement, handcuffed, restrained, unable to resist. Officer Chauvin, sworn to uphold the law, became judge, jury and executioner when he purposefully pushed his knee against the throat of George Floyd and killed him. He had his hands in his pockets in a casual manner, and a bored look on his face. The event is undisputed, filmed in real time and witnessed by citizens and fellow officers. I find it hard to believe that a jury anywhere would reach a different verdict other than guilty.

Yes, George Floyd’s family was awarded a wrongful death determination in a lawsuit. No forensic evidence could have reached a verdict other than murder. Would Bob Zak explain to me his reference of the Marxist organization’s goal to replace our representative republic?

I believe the hate-mongering that is ruining our country’s progress is coming from the Republicans in Congress who refuse to do their job. Compromise is needed if we are to mend this country and move forward.

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