Thursday, October 28, 2021
Oct. 28, 2021

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Letter: Demand solutions in Israel


Every year, the U.S. government sends almost $4 billion in unconditional military assistance to Israel, giving our taxpayer dollars to fund the systemic oppression of the Palestinian people (also called apartheid). Examples of this include ongoing violence, forced evictions, home demolitions, check points, travel restrictions and a many yearslong air, land and sea blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Also, the Israeli and Palestinian people are supposed to be working on a two-state solution to settle their differences. However, Israel has allowed over 500,000 people to settle in the West Bank region in violation of United Nations resolutions. This defeats the goal of a two-state solution since the West Bank was a logical choice for a Palestinian homeland.

Let’s urge President Biden and Congress to demand an end to the violence in Israel and Gaza. Also, a permanent solution, either one-state or two-state, shall be determined to end the potential for violence in the future.

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