Monday, January 24, 2022
Jan. 24, 2022

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Weather Eye: Typical November weather continues until cold front


Saturday was about average as it gets in November with a high of 53 degrees and a low of 40 degrees. Actually, both were one degree above average but despite weak sunshine and high clouds, it did feel a bit cool to me.

We will do this again today but start off with cooler early morning temperatures and frost in some locations. East winds will appear once again and be gusty in east county and in the Gorge. We will hold off the next cold front from the Pacific until later on Monday. It isn’t strong but some rain overnight into early Tuesday. Some snow will fall at pass levels if you are traveling but amounts will be rather light.

Another break Wednesday and the dry Thanksgiving has evaporated, and rain will be increasing some time during the day. Details are still a bit fuzzy, so we pin them down in Tuesday’s column. Beyond that unsettled weather is here with mild temperatures and a southwesterly flow of air and a weak pineapple express is possible.

OK, let’s look at the record books for a moment. On Saturday’s date we had a high of 33 degrees and a low of only 13 degrees way back in 1900. Chilly! In 1946, we had 2.2 inches of snow fall here in Vancouver. And in November 1978, we had one inch of snow. The winter that followed was brutal with the Columbia full of ice.

Our monthly rainfall so far is 5.33 inches compared to an average of 3.58 inches. Our year-to-date rainfall measures 28.49 inches compared to the normal of 29.47 inches, so we are catching up. In 1892, Vancouver only received 9.06 inches from January 1 to November 20 but in 1983 we recorded 48.48 inches. That was an El Nino year and I remember it well. It was a wet summer and was a “green tomato summer.” A low bounty of the red fruit that year.

If you think it gets dark early now, how about Barrow, Alaska? The sun “set” there on November 18 and will rise again on January 23. How about 67 days of near total darkness? No thank you, we are good here.