Saturday, December 4, 2021
Dec. 4, 2021

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Letter: Accomplishments? No, Trump failed


Tom Nelson’s recent letter to The Columbian was in support of Roy Schimelpfenig and “the wonderful accomplishments” of Donald Trump (“Laud Trump’s accomplishments,” Our Readers’ Views, Oct. 4). I have no issue with Mr. Schimelpfenig; he is entitled to his opinion, as flawed as it may be. Mr. Nelson’s admiration of Donald Trump’s “wonderful accomplishments” brought me to the point of throwing up.

Wonderful accomplishments? Let’s see … he lowered the tax on the richest 5 percent, lowered taxes on corporations, made it easier for corporations to pollute the environment to increase profits, made the U.S. an object of jokes around the world, fawned over Vladimir Putin while Putin was directing his military to hack into U.S. computer infrastructure, ignored the dangers of COVID-19, complimented and encouraged white nationalists and anti-government militia, undermined the confidence in the U.S. democratic voting process, and incited a rebellion against the government while his followers chanted “hang Mike Pence,” his own vice president! Wow . . . what wonderful accomplishments.

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