Saturday, October 16, 2021
Oct. 16, 2021

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Vital Statistics

The Columbian

Marriage licenses


Aaron Joseph Hermens, 40, Vancouver, and Hieu Trung Chau, 38, Vancouver.

Christopher Walter Ramos Stout, 39, Vancouver, and Adam Stuart Ross, 53, Vancouver.

Connor William Haggerty, 25, Lacey, and Sarah Evangelyn Swift, 24, Ridgefield.

Kaitlin Amrine, 30, Vancouver, and Thomas Cole, 35, Vancouver.

Margaret Claire Johnston, 30, Battle Ground, and Johnathan Joseph Shryker, 35, Battle Ground.

Michelle Katherine Henderson, 37, Vancouver, and Christopher Daniel Demos, 30, Vancouver.

Rebecca Andrea Okinczyc-Kuehl, 47, Vancouver, and Scott Alan Tandberg, 49, Vancouver.

William Lawrence Gardner, 46, Vancouver, and Anna Marie Denbo, 39, Vancouver.

Marriage dissolutions


Keely Samara and Ian Wilson Stewart. Petitioner’s name changed to Keely Samara Nichols.


Adrianne A. and Andras Bajtay.

Amanda Hansen and Robert Thomas Godsil.

Cary Ann and Trevor Lee Fender.

Christie M. and Frank E. Stewart.

Corrine Alissa Rivera and Holly Sinclair Guzman.

Jacqueline Haines Stevens and Victor Michael Stevens Jr.

Kenneth Dean and Rose Marie Jewell.

Kristin Kay and Casey Lee Head.

Leslie Norman Cain and Stephanie Joanne Adsuara.

Maksim M. and Anna Ponomarenko.

Sebrenia Joann and Wayne Bell Bentley.

Stephanie Ann Holloway and Ryeseen Faheen Carter.