Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Nov. 30, 2021

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Weather Eye: Nights are getting chilly; a poem celebrating October


If skies remained clear enough Monday night and fog or low clouds stayed away, it was frosty in many locations. I expected lows in Vancouver in the 30s and outlying areas in the 20s. Regardless, a chilly night for sure. Clouds increase later today with rain due overnight and Wednesday. More snow will fall in the Cascades.

Government Camp at about the 4,000-foot elevation on Mount Hood had a couple inches of snow over the weekend. Another 1-4 inches is possible by Wednesday. We run a risk of showers most of the week and dry periods as well. We stay cool before we manage to creep back into the low 60s by Friday.

As you know, I love to write poems about the seasons and weather. The other day I received one from a longtime reader of this column about the month of October. I want to share it with you as it describes the month in great glory.

Here is the poem written by Vancouver resident Nancy Zacha. “October takes us into fall, the season I like best of all. Brisk days, crisp nights that come together, define what we term sweater weather. Apples ripen on the trees and leaves start falling where they please. Trees so green just weeks ago, dress up for their new autumn show. Yellow, orange, and fiery red, adorn the limbs before they shed. The annual blooms are gone at last; their showy season now has passed. Still, gardeners prepare new beds; now they’re planting bulbs instead. This month, the dark comes creeping in, dark mornings good for sleeping in. Dark evenings made for keeping in. October says, ‘Cold winter’s near, prepare your homes before it’s here’. So, we begin to hunker down, spend time at home, less time in town. Now we think of soups and stew — hearty food that’s good for you. And if we yearn for something sweet, at Halloween, there’s ‘Trick or Treat’. October, dressed in colors bright, preparing us for winter’s night.”

Hope you enjoyed those parade of words. Keep warm and watch for showers but more dry than wet.