Thursday, December 9, 2021
Dec. 9, 2021

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Letter: Conservatives believe in a free voice


Regarding Mr. Brown’s letter to The Columbian (“GOP mess takes time to clean up,” Our Readers’ Views, Sept. 29). An exception to his historical perspective and opinion is in order.

But first, an observation that he and others err in broadly assuming the narrow loss (Trump) or narrow victory (Biden) was carried by a plebiscite wildly rooting for one or the other. There are many conservatives who do not align with the GOP or independents. They voted against Joe Biden and not for Mr. Trump. Many held their noses and voted against their better instincts: and I’m talking about both Dem and GOP centrists.

In hindsight, both political figures prove the maxim: the American people deserve the president they vote for.

Mr. Brown further assumes that the bane to democracy these past 200 years has been conservatives. Without elaboration I’m uncertain if he knows the function of a republican form of governance, but, I’ll remind him that the aggregate loss of liberties, not to mention loss of civility and basic manners in the public square, is largely a progressive phenomenon supported by the media, education and entertainment world. Last I checked, conservatives still believe in one person, one vote and a free voice in the public square protected by the Constitution.

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