Saturday, December 4, 2021
Dec. 4, 2021

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Weather Eye: Rain or showers every day through end of October


Things are turning around. It appears, as both computer forecast models and visual satellite photos show, that intense storminess is developing in the Gulf of Alaska and southward out to our west. This will be the start of the weather machine this fall, and we are slated to get rain and then showers every day through the end of the month.

California will get in on the action with many inches of rain predicted there. That will be welcome, but flooding and mudflows over the burnt areas could be the price.

The weather system that brought showers to our area Wednesday left about a quarter inch of rain by early afternoon here in the city. I don’t see a dry day in the foreseeable future. Gathering leaves in the yard may need the old rake method, too soggy to blow them around.

Speaking of leaves, I was driving around the area Tuesday, and boy, the trees were beautiful in all of the fall colors. Between the moderate to heavy rains and occasional gusty winds the next week or so, many of the trees will lose a good share of their leaves. There are also some trees that are still green with no color.

Today we see highs in the 60s thanks to east winds but highs only in the 50s the next several days. It is still possible when the seas are churning way off the coast that a sudden storm develops and brings windy conditions. This may stay offshore or affect the coast only. Outside chance we could get blustery conditions inland. Nothing damaging at this point, but stay tuned to the local weather forecasts.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for the winter season and have battery lights and some food and water in the house in case of power outages or other conditions. Having a weather radio on standby is a good idea. Refresh batteries in smoke detectors and have good wiper blades on your vehicle. I changed mine out the other day and boy what a difference in visibility. There will be plenty of rain hitting the windshield coming up.