Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Nov. 30, 2021

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Letter: Columbian’s view is skewed


“The eviction moratorium has been a lifeline for many renters throughout the coronavirus pandemic” (“In Our View: Time to end state’s eviction moratorium,” The Columbian, Oct. 20). Ya think? And yet The Columbian suggests the governor should let it expire “for the good of landlords.” Huh?

Please tell us when homelessness ended and the virus miraculously disappeared. I must have missed those headlines. Where is the housing for the thousands of renters who will become homeless next month? Even if they’ve found a job, they would, in all probability, be unable to pay the back rent, and thus be evicted anyway.

The poor landlords can use their tax write-offs and refinance their loans going forward, both options readily available to most. I doubt they will find themselves out on the streets.

And what about the $1.1 billion of which only $220 million has been spent? Most of that will be distributed to property owners, certainly not to their homeless ex-tenants (even if you could find them).

“Jobs are plentiful for those who are able to work.” Yes, there are plenty of (mostly part-time) jobs. However, being homeless probably will make it impossible to obtain employment.

Perhaps The Columbian should interview some of the future homeless. I’ll bet they’ll come away with a whole new “View.”

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