Saturday, December 4, 2021
Dec. 4, 2021

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Which Bond movie includes marriage, song?


You have questions. I have some answers.

I saw a list recently of the best songs in James Bond movies and there was no mention of the best Bond song ever, “We Have All the Time in the World”! I forgot the name of the movie, but I’m pretty sure that Bond gets married in the movie, his wife gets killed and his last words to her are “We had all the time in the world.” Please tell me the name of that movie.

That is in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” the lone Bond film to star George Lazenby as 007 (with Diana Rigg as his doomed wife). At the end, holding his dead bride, Bond tells an inquiring officer, “It’s quite all right, really. She’s having a rest. … There’s no hurry, you see. We have all the time in the world.”

Both the film and the song, performed by Louis Armstrong, have resonated with many fans. “We Have All the Time in the World” comes up in the latest Bond, “No Time to Die,” which is also Daniel Craig’s last appearance as Bond — and has Craig saying, “We have all the time in the world.” As film historian Jon Burlingame wrote in Variety, “The melody is heard in Hans Zimmer’s ‘No Time to Die’ underscore right after Craig says the line in the pre-credits sequence. It returns in another, moving scene, near the end of the film — and the full, original Armstrong vocal then plays under the film’s end credits.”

Why is “The Wendy Williams Show” running reruns? When she left for vacation in July, she said they would be back the first of September.

Williams has faced a series of health problems that have kept her off the air. In September, the show announced on Instagram that Williams had a breakthrough case of COVID-19 and the show was postponed until Oct. 4. Then it said that Williams “has been and continues to be under a doctor’s care and is still not ready to return to work,” pushing the return to Oct. 18. Most recently, the show said there will be new episodes beginning Oct. 18, but “with an exciting lineup of guest hosts and panels.” Williams, it said, “is making progress but is experiencing serious complications as a direct result of Graves’ disease and her thyroid condition. … More time is needed before she is able to return to her live hosting duties.”

I’ve noticed that since “Law & Order: Organized Crime” came on, the voice that states the introduction sounds the same as the one in “Law & Order: SVU.” I’m curious whether it’s the same man introducing it or is it someone they found who sounds just like the original voice?

Actor Steven Zirnkilton is the voice on both those shows; in fact, he has been the narrative voice for the various “Law & Order” series since the original in 1990. He once told the University of Maine’s student newspaper that he first worked on the “Law & Order” pilot as an actor. “I played an on-camera detective in the pilot episode, and then I got a call from a big-time producer who said he had something he wanted me to record. I had no idea what it would be, and he stood next to me as it was read, and he told me how he wanted it done. And that was that,” he said.