Monday, November 29, 2021
Nov. 29, 2021

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Stronger Vancouver to get a new approach

City council backs effort to make plan more accessible

By , Columbian staff writer

The city’s ambitious proposal for a more sustainable future, Stronger Vancouver, is getting more attention from city councilors as they discuss a new approach to the plan.

City Manager Eric Holmes proposed Monday that the council change its approach to Stronger Vancouver. Holmes’ suggested view would embody a more integrated plan that outlines the resourcing, prioritization and implementation of items moving forward.

Further discussions from the council will refresh its values and focus areas, identify projects and initiatives, as well as the priorities and implementation strategies for the longer term.

The strategic development plan will be ready by mid-2022 for adoption and action, Holmes said.

“Staff will no longer use the Stronger Vancouver term to describe anything prospective, rather we will just rely on our strategic plan and effort,” he said.

This adjustment came after an effort to make the plan less convoluted, more predictable and easier for the community to understand. Council members shared their support of the transition and said this coordinated approach makes it easier to take action.

“This single integrated plan does feel really good,” said Mayor Pro Tem Linda Glover. “It feels like things are coming together with a strong vision with strong direction that we can understand.”

Stronger Vancouver was established when the city realized its budget would not be able to keep up with its quickly growing population and various operating services. Some of its key areas focus on improving fire services, affordable housing, policing, and community and economic development.

Items on the horizon include confirming an investment framework at the end of the year, addressing fire department resources, and getting a strong foothold on affordable housing and homelessness early next year. The application of other agenda items is planned to roll out through 2026.