Friday, October 15, 2021
Oct. 15, 2021

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Letter: Slow growth in county


I am angry and very saddened to see Bi-Zi Farms may have to close over water rights. We have already lost so many of our major fruit and vegetable stands in Fruit Valley and the latest, Joe’s Place Farms.

I moved here over 40 years ago because of what the county offered (open country, farms, caring neighbors, low crime). It seems now that those moving here want all the amenities of city life and of course, no foul odors, livestock or wildlife.

If Bi-Zi Farms is forced to close, we’ll get hundreds more homes, town homes and condos. More people, less farmland — where do these city people think they’ll get their food? Do their children even know where food comes from other than a grocery store?

Bi-Zi Farms should have been grandfathered in. If they close, we will all lose, including the children’s loss of farm experiences like hay rides, corn mazes and, of course, the farm animals.

I sure hope our county smartens up and stops making population growth its top priority.

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