Friday, October 15, 2021
Oct. 15, 2021

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Letter: Things better under Trump


Everything that worked under President Donald Trump has been destroyed by Joe Biden.

First thing Joe did was cancel the Keystone XL pipeline: 11,000 plumbers and pipe fitters lost their jobs.

Immigration has increased since Jan. 6, migrants and criminals have entered the country and keep on coming; over 200,000 were taken into custody in July alone.

The Houthis, supported by Iran (says the State Department) are now no longer classified as terrorist.

Biden stopped drilling on federal lands, which prevented the U.S. from being a self-sufficient nation, causing $5 gas in California, $3.50 here. High inflation again, due to trillion-dollar spending. Under the climate accord we have to spend billions of dollars, while China builds new coal-fired plants every year and hundreds more all over the world.

We’re now back to paying the WHO $400 million per year. Under Trump the 13 Marines killed by a suicide bomber today would still be alive and we would not have left millions of dollars worth of Humvees, planes, helicopters, millions of rounds of ammo and untold tens of thousands rifles to the Taliban. And there would be no chaos getting thousands of citizens and Afghan translators out of that country.

I wonder how readers can be so misinformed.

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