Sunday, November 28, 2021
Nov. 28, 2021

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Letter: Our feeble president


America went from the strongest presidency since Reagan to the weakest since Obama in less than eight months. I believe Joe Biden was the worst president by end of day Jan. 20, when he signed away many American freedoms. But it took an international debacle of his doing to show the world what we knew. He is feeble, lacks empathy and lies to cover his hypocrisy.

Our enemies respected America’s military under President Donald Trump. His willingness to kill terrorists protected us all. Under President Biden’s globalist administration we are quickly becoming just another third world country and our open border invites more terrorism. Joe claims the buck stops with him, yet blames Donald Trump in the same breath. President Trump had a conditions-based plan with the Taliban. They broke it and Joe blew it. Then he lied and abandoned Americans and Afghan interpreters in a war zone. How many more will die by terrorist hands for his ineptitude?

However, it is not all Joe’s fault. Our nation was badly weakened in November by 80 million voters whose hatred of one man exceeded their love for country.

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