Saturday, September 18, 2021
Sept. 18, 2021

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Weather Eye: Dart board says rain is on its way by the weekend


The dart board tells all. It is going to rain, no doubt this time. No matter how I threw them they hit that rain target. Laughing is good for the soul, they say, so I got a burst of wellness Monday. By Friday we will have a burst of rain and maybe 1 inch at least here in the city and 2 or 3 inches in our foothills by Monday morning.

Heaven knows we need the rain; the creeks and rivers are low, the grass and gardens are dry. Can you imagine how the ground will be soaking up the freshet? In good fashion. The roadways will be slick at first, so be careful. Cover anything you wish to remain dry.

The next few days will be pleasant, with highs generally in the 70s, maybe close to 80 degrees. With a cool air mass still lingering, some of our colder outlying areas may see the first frost of the autumn season early Thursday. Chilly elsewhere. It will all depend on how much the skies clear after sunset on Wednesday.

The weather system arriving Friday will introduce a polar maritime air mass, which is what we get often in the winter months. Snow may fall to the timberline levels in the Cascades and Olympics. Gusty winds along the coastal strip in the 40-45 mph range. We’ll see wind, perhaps 30-35 mph, here in the county. A blustery day in the neighborhood.

It will be exciting for weather watchers after the long hot and dry summer. What a ride we had this summer. It will be rewarding to freshen the air, wash the dust off everything and give a good watering to the yard and garden. Let us hope forecast models hold together and we get that inch or two of moisture.

I’m sure this isn’t the beginning of the rainy season, so no worries, we will still have some pleasant weather into October. Generally do. Change in the weather is always good. Gets us engaged in the new season.

Take good care and we will update our chat on Thursday. The calm before the storm.