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Sept. 26, 2021

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Vital Statistics

The Columbian

Marriage licenses


Amanda Elizabeth Blass, 32, Camas, and Jeremy Lee Dills, 31, Camas.

Angelica Dull, 61, Battle Ground, and Darrel James Brunetti, 61, Post Falls, Idaho.

Barbara Erin Kashuba, 28, Vancouver, and Philip Quan Huynh, 28, Vancouver.

Briana Benita Worthy, 33, Lake Oswego, Ore., and Kyle Patrick Pearce, 33, Lake Oswego.

Brittany Marie Rose Feroben, 26, Vancouver, and Axel Christopher Diaz, 27, Vancouver.

Cory Richard Dennis, 26, Vancouver, and Lacey Rose Stanton, 23, Vancouver.

Drew Edward Sandberg, 21, Duluth, Minn., and Kaitlyn Louise Tormanen, 18, Brush Prairie.

Dylan David Spinella, 26, Vancouver, and Kayleigh Breanne Rosengreen, 27, Vancouver.

Fernanda Ramos, 20, Camas, and Esteban Banuelos Herrera, 26, Camas.

Gennadiy Vitalyevich Izotov, 27, Vancouver, and Anna S. Bondar, 21, Battle Ground.

Gerald Ryan Skarl, 36, Vancouver, and Krystal Renee Thorne, 32, Vancouver.

Hope Hunter Taylor, 24, Vancouver, and Daniel Edward Thomas, 24, Vancouver.

Janet Vega Vazquez, 38, Vancouver, and Edgardo A. Lopez Batres, 32, Vancouver.

Jason Patrick McGrath, 43, Vancouver, and Liudmyla Yaremchuk, 32, Vancouver.

Jose Hernandez Rivera, 37, Vancouver, and Ana Mendoza Valerio, 37, Vancouver.

Juline Kay Dual, 47, Vancouver, and Keith Phillip Gibson, 58, Vancouver.

Kailey Ann Moon, 29, Washougal, and Patrick Ian McCommons, 30, Washougal.

Kellie Marie Marcle, 26, Vancouver, and Christopher John Sharp, 38, Vancouver.

Kennady Anne Matta, 23, Vancouver, and Colton Miles Lacey, 23, Vancouver.

Kiana Sky York, 21, Woodland, and Cody James Swanson, 21, Woodland.

Kirsten Maria Watkins, 26, Ridgefield, and Kevin Michael Kalian, 30, Ridgefield.

Kui Shao, 45, Camas, and John Joseph O’Neil, 55, Camas.

Lauren Elizabeth Miller, 30, Vancouver, and Grant Thomas Luebker, 30, Gabriola Island, B.C.

Madison Ryanne Goetz, 21, Longview, and Brenden James O’Connor, 21, Longview.

Miranda Danielle Burch, 27, Vancouver, and Christopher Nicholas Laws, 30, Vancouver.

Myra Aracely Muenzler, 33, Battle Ground, and Joseph Frank Villa III, 37, Battle Ground.

Nicholas David Wilson, 31, Camas, and Katrina Kathleen Pekas, 33, Camas.

Orasa Thajai, 29, Vancouver, and Carl William Lackey, 29, Vancouver.

Paulina Leilani Brooks Parker, 31, Vancouver, and Richard Alan Kalmbach, 32, Vancouver.

Rebecca Marie Locke, 34, Camas, and James William Pruitte, 34, Camas.

Savannah Jane Mitcham, 36, Vancouver, and Jakob Alton Swan, 36, Vancouver.

Savoeun Kim Vann, 47, Vancouver, and Craig Martin, 55, Vancouver.

Tabatha Delane Young, 31, Portland, and Richard Eduard Zeitke, 29, Portland.

Tatiana Postoronca, 23, Vancouver, and Gheorghe Bulat, 29, Vancouver.

Valentin Mikhailovich Chernev, 24, Antelope, Calif., and Victoria Anna Pavlova, 20, Vancouver.

Virginia Anne Archer, 35, Portland, and Joshua David Peak, 36, Portland.

William Paul Joseph Jacobson III, 34, Vancouver, and Nicole Marie Peru, 34, Vancouver.

Zoralei Lenore Boysen, 22, Battle Ground, and Coleman Dean Dayley, 24, Washougal.

Marriage dissolutions


Abel and April Eva-Marie Cosentino.

Adan Barragan Alvarez and Wendy Catalina Salazar Torres.

Ania Hope and Justin Gregory Sprout.

Anna Lissa Hime Gordon and Robert Raymond Gordon.

Anna Maria and Shawn Eric Fillingim.

Anna-Marie and Jay Patrick Stateler.

Autumn A. and Joshua L. Whitehead.

Benjamin R. Leinfelder and Chad A. Parsons.

Brianne Rose Watrous and Benjamin James Klick.

Callie Lynn and Richard Scott Jr. Rumley.

Charissa M. Djanda and Alex K. Djanda Kamga.

Cheri L. and Mark Allen Koprek.

Corey Straight and Athzyry Alanis Riley.

David Earl and Michele Lin Johns.

Debra Evon and Alfred T. Glessing.

Diane Shannon and Joshua Kurschner Barnes.

Duncan Scott Anderson and Theresa Lynn Anderson Rungo.

Emily Marie and Chance C. Gerard.

Graciela Maria and Joshua Donovan Weaver.

Jeffery David and Heidi K. Werbin.

Jennifer and Joshua Emmerson Linton.

Jennifer and Martin Paramentier.

John Colton and Tiffany Michelle Telford-Wood.

Julie Anne and Neil Ray VanDamme.

Kari-Anna Temple and John Larry III Goza.

Maria Luz Vazquez and Feliciano Pedro.

Marisa and Dennis Elden Fontaine.

Melissa Michelle and Toby Brian Koren.

Michael Joseph and Melanie Rose Reid.

Michole R. and Ron D. Branch.

Miles Norfleet Medlin and Renee Carla Mclendon-Medlin.

Nicole Victoria and Brandon Scott Hopkins.

Oleg E. and Olga N. Uminskiy.

Oleg S. Semenyuk and Jerilyn June Anderson.

Olga P. and Chad Tyler Baher.

Rachel Brooke and Daniel D. Burch.

ReAnna Lynne and Bryan Patrick Grignon.

Ria Lolo and Timothy Doren Ellis.

Singh Sukhvinder and Kaur Harpreet.

Stephanie Smith and Brian Houghton.

Trang Thi Kim Nguyen and Joshawa Duane Prowdy.

Tyler Backman and Noami Yamanda.

Yousef Magdy Ramzy Aziz and Erin Awad Rezk Sharkawy.


Amy Alise and Taj Daniel Shivvers.

Patricia Milton-Anderson and Alan Eagle Anderson.