Friday, October 15, 2021
Oct. 15, 2021

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Letter: Antibodies are the key


Isn’t a COVID-19 antibody mandate what we really should be insisting upon, rather than a pure vaccination mandate? Evidence shows that folks who have had COVID-19 and recovered have over 20 times the amount of antibodies than folks who are fully vaccinated. These people also have antibodies that exist in their mucous membranes, which is rarely found in vaccinated individuals.

The goal we are trying to achieve is to get to a point where there are so many people with COVID-19 antibodies that the virus cannot find enough hosts to spread anymore. Instead of insisting that people have to be vaccinated or lose their jobs, there should be an option for getting a blood test or some other test that shows that you have the antibodies. I believe there are many unvaccinated people who have COVID-19 antibodies from previous infections. They should have the option to prove this and not be forced to get vaccinated against their will to be able to keep their jobs.

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