Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Oct. 20, 2021

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Letter: Vaccine mandate is needed


It is way past time for a vaccine mandate to be in full force for every individual over the age of 12. We have people claiming loudly and aggressively that they oppose wearing masks and vaccines, and do not trust doctors, scientists or government.

They flaunt their ways and then when they come down with COVID, they rush to the hospital. These people should not be allowed to have things both ways. They made the choice to not take COVID prevention seriously, preferring to ingest horse dewormer over vaccines.

We also have reached the point in time where people should be held accountable for their choices. Thus, if you do not have evidence of having been vaccinated and have COVID-19 and head to a hospital, said person should be denied treatment. They are flooding hospitals now and those that are vaccinated but suffering from various illnesses and or accidents are the ones that are being unjustly forced to suffer for the lack of responsibility that unvaccinated and mask-deniers made. It is morally wrong that numerous innocent people of all ages have to suffer this way.

To rectify this moral travesty a vaccine mandate and denial of hospital availability without said documentation must be enforced ASAP. Innocent lives are at stake every minute these two things are not done.

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