Monday, October 25, 2021
Oct. 25, 2021

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Weather Eye: Dry, mild weather will greet this week’s arrival of autumn


Can you believe that this is the last full day of summer? And it will feel like it as our highs are forecast to reach the low 80s. After the heavy rains over the weekend, summer felt like it was long past, didn’t it?

As of 5 p.m. Monday it was 72 degrees for a high temperature here in Vancouver. Overnight lows into this morning were expected to drop into the 40s and perhaps 30s in the coldest outlying locations. Autumn officially arrives shortly after noon on Wednesday. The weather that day will present us with some cloudiness and even drizzle or a sprinkle along the Washington Coast.

Thursday skies clear and on Friday we expect another day in the 80s. No rain is on the horizon into early next week. Vancouver recorded 2.93 inches of rain since the onset of precipitation shortly before midnight on Friday. Even if it didn’t rain the rest of the month, we still would be well above average.

Other rainfall reports around the county included 3.85 inches measured by Chuck Houghten in Hockinson Heights; Ellen Smart in Ridgefield reports 3.20 inches; Elkhorn Mountain, 6.64 inches; Larch Mountain, 4.64 inches; and Orchards 3.04 inches. Rainfall in the greater Vancouver area varied greatly depending on whether one of those heavy thunderstorms filled your rain gauge.

With clear skies the Cascade peaks were nice and white, with Mount Hood really standing out and even Mount St. Helens had a mantle of white. Awesome clear day. With warmer and drier weather the next week or so, that fresh snow will disappear.

We haven’t had that much rain since January. On Friday Vancouver received .11 of an inch, Saturday 1.47 inches and Sunday 1.35 inches. These days of over 1 inch were the heaviest since 1.89 inches on Jan. 12. Our monthly total of 2.93 inches so far is the average for the entire month of April.

While writing my column, I was looking back at the weather on Sept. 20, 2014. Vancouver reached 94 degrees, the hottest in the entire state. We had four days in the 90s that month.

Enjoy yet another pleasant week.