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May 24, 2022

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Working in Clark County: Brittney Corey, owner Brittney Corey Photography

By , Columbian news assistant
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Boudoir and wedding photographer Brittney Corey welcomes models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds at her studio on Coxley Drive in Vancouver.
Boudoir and wedding photographer Brittney Corey welcomes models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds at her studio on Coxley Drive in Vancouver. (taylor balkom/The Columbian) Photo Gallery

Life is full of tender, beautiful moments, and nobody knows that better than Brittney Corey. Corey is a portrait and event photographer who operates out of her studio in the Avenida Del Sol shopping center in east Vancouver.

While Corey works in a wide variety of portrait styles, her signature services are her wedding and boudoir photo shoots.

To many, subjects like weddings and boudoir may seem like two wildly opposing genres. While the two are certainly different, Corey said, she recognizes the unique beauty of both types of photos and the power they have in uplifting the people featured in them.

Corey admires the classic beauty and romance of weddings, but what really catches her eye is the storytelling opportunity that being a wedding photographer presents.

“I love being able to capture little moments that my newlyweds may not have noticed while the event was originally happening,” Corey said. “The way that grandma was looking at the bride while she walked down the aisle, or the shenanigans that the ring bearer was getting into at the reception. I love telling the full story of the day.”

Brittney Corey Photography

10818 N.E. Coxley Drive, Vancouver.;  www.brittneycorey.com

While weddings have a wide focus, capturing images and emotions on a grander scale, Corey admires the art of boudoir for the intimacy such types of photo shoots provide.

A core tenet of Corey’s work is the theme of female empowerment, a message that is most on display in these boudoir photo shoots.

“I love the way my clients look when they leave my studio,” Corey said. “They come in a little nervous, and unsure of themselves, but they always walk out feeling 2 inches taller and radiating confidence. It’s a magical thing to see.”

Because of the intimate nature of boudoir photography, a vital part of Corey’s day-to-day business is building trust with her subjects. Before each session, Corey sets up consultation appointments with her clients, helping them get to know her and get a better sense of what both parties will be comfortable with during the photo shoot.

Regardless of what type of photos Corey is taking, when she and her subjects have such a high level of trust between each other, it can create stunning works of art.

In all stages of her work, Corey prefers to wear her heart on her sleeve, or more aptly her lens. Holding a deep commitment to creating art that features people of all shapes, sizes, races, genders and sexual orientation.

“I believe wholeheartedly that representation matters,” Corey said. “I have had clients that say they chose me to be their photographer because they saw people in my portfolio that look like them. This means so much to me and is why I put so much thought and care into the images that I create.”

At the end of the day, the most important thing to Corey is making sure everyone who gets their portrait taken can leave the studio feeling amazing about themselves.

“I’m here to capture the little moments, show a new perspective, and build up my clients’ confidence and self-image through my photography,” Corey said. “Being able to show my clients how other people see them is an amazing thing. We are often so much more critical of ourselves than others are, and sometimes seeing yourself through a different lens can hold a lot of power.”

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