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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Sept. 27, 2023

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Letter: ‘Bully’ drivers are a problem


In response to “Scientists: Chances of climate catastrophe are being ignored” (Associated Press, Aug. 2): I hope this summer has provided a kick in the pants to climate change deniers. It is here now; not in 2030 or 2050. And we are not made for living in triple-digit heat. Everywhere I go, I see people idling their cars while reading text messages. Please turn your cars off. I also wish that car companies would provide an automatic shut-off to prevent these CO2 emissions.

In response to “Don’t drive recklessly” (Our Readers’ Views, Aug. 3): I agree. I drive to Milwaukie once a month and see the worst driving. My least favorite drivers are the “bully” pickup trucks. Since my Tesla sits low, the truck tires alone are taller than my car and they have the audacity to tailgate me when I am in the slow lane; just pass because I am not moving out of your way and think your rudeness and intimidation are uncalled for. If insurance companies hired driver monitors who could increase rates automatically when they see these bad drivers, that would help all of us.

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