Monday, September 26, 2022
Sept. 26, 2022

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Letter: Join together for united country


The United States of America.

In my mind, the word “United” means joined together as a whole. Sadly, politics has changed the core definition of this country. Recently, I felt the word “divisiveness” has carved itself deep into the fundamental meaning of our country.

It’s been two years since America experienced one of its most divisive elections in this country. Although President Biden called for unity, the political polarization is still at its worst.

As a high school senior, I am extremely concerned about the future of this country. We have the brightest minds, the most capable and diversely talented human beings in the world but unfortunately, we are not pulling the wagon in the same direction.

The secret to our greatness has always lain within our citizens, now with over 332 million constantly striving to better America. To others in the world, the U.S. remains “the city on top of the hill,” the most powerful country ever.

I have no doubt that our future can continue to shine if we work together again. We need to bring back unity and respect our differences. We can do this because we are the United States of America!

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