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Friday, September 22, 2023
Sept. 22, 2023

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Letter: Why no salmon? Duh!


What goes wrong with salmon is the feds’ unfairness! They say they are helping salmon, but aren’t. When does the hatchet come down on willful blindness? Only hatcheries can save this resource, as wild salmon sensationalism punishes the rest. Salmon families have been vaporized after decades of overharvesting like pirates. Hatchery genetics are blended strongly into this resource. Our federal government left too few pure fish. Canada and Alaska sales undermine wild salmon only protected here. For decades we fueled their profit, and we get scraps after their carnage.

Salmon protections using state regulations are hilarious. We could close every hatchery and rely on wild-caught fish, probably eliminate this resource. Shouldn’t we be utilizing natural spawning fish? Salmon smolt are more dead than alive after predators. We would have salmon for all, but the federal agenda in plain view discourages more life than it starts. Our federal allocations (Pacific Fisheries Management Council) in reality are salmon resource killers. “Federally protected,” as if; fewer salmon come home, chased as prey, thinned, harvested, weakened, handled, struggling in warm water, less pure. Spawning should include every fish. Why no salmon? Duh!

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