Sunday, February 5, 2023
Feb. 5, 2023

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Vital Statistics

The Columbian

Marriage Licenses

Carly Marie Hargrave, 30, Portland, and David Matthew Kennedy, 29, Portland.

James Fredrick Smith, 72, Vancouver, and Helen Ruth Monette, 69, Vancouver.

John Jay Loftin, 52, Ridgefield, and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Rogers, 32, Ridgefield.

Nicholas Thomas Rice, 44, Vancouver, and Janine Leeann Collins, 39, Vancouver.

Ryan Jon Erickson, 29, Vancouver, and Cinthia Garcia Espinoza, 26, Vancouver.

Sarah Ann Moe, 38, Vancouver, and Nikolos Ray Rice, 37, Vancouver.

Stacie D’anne Estes, 28, Portland, and Brent Thomas Davy, 32, Portland.

Taylor Jordan Valdez, 29, Vancouver, and Christina Danielle Zwarych, 28, Vancouver.

Valentina Lukjanovna Karpenko, 72, Vancouver, and Howard Melvin Wilson Jr., 75, Vancouver.

Marriage Dissolutions


Aleksey Anatolivich Rubanenko and Inna Alexsandrova Yefimova.

Asifa Sue and Boubacar Traore. Petitioner’s name changed to Asifa Sue Babury.

Cheryl Rene Emter and James John Emter Jr.

Gilbert Charles Showmaker and Oretta K. Chew.

Gina S. and Sean Stewart. Petitioner’s name changed to Gina Sophia Josephine Warren.

Heidi Mae and Terra Dee Douglas.

Jessica Larea Weyrauch and Abel Patterson.

Laura Marie Padgett and Nguyen Thieu Do.

Michelle Marie and Benjamin Scott Stone. Petitioner’s name changed to Michelle Marie Gronewold.

Nancy and Mark Brooks. Petitioner’s name changed to Nancy Juliana Palacios.

Sarah Christine Ross and Amanda Michelle Fields.

Teresa A. and Richard Kurth.


Marianne F. and Joel B. Hertshce.


Sadie M. Valdez and Marcus Isaiah Feliciano.

Robert Thomas and Amanda Ann O’Hanlon.

Kaitlyn Jo and Kamron Earl Hedval.