Sunday, January 29, 2023
Jan. 29, 2023

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Weather Eye: More gray skies, rain, blustery weather on the way


The persistent gray skies kept our temperatures Wednesday stable and without much fluctuation, with a high of 42 degrees and a low of 39. That is out of the ordinary to some degree, I’d say. The low is above average, but the high temperature is below average. Our average high should be around 47 degrees while the low for the date averages 36 degrees. Temperatures like Wednesday will keep the month of December running cooler than normal.

We have an incoming storm today, Friday and Saturday with more gray skies and heavier moisture and of course more mountain snowfall. We would be lucky to reach our normal high temperature in the next seven days. If weather systems keep coming down from the Gulf of Alaska, we will stay on the cool side of things. No changes foreseen.

Snow levels will basically remain at 2,000 feet and above so no worries about the white stuff here at city levels. Looking ahead to next week we could see some snowflakes once again if cold enough air drops down from the north. For now, only a forethought.

I might mention that it is possible snow levels will rise briefly as we get close to the weekend if the main storm track shifts a little northward and that could cause some heavy rain in the coastal mountains where there is a snowpack. Rivers there may get high but no flooding is foreseen.

Bottom line is our weather will behave like December with plenty of moisture, breezy winds, especially along the coastline, and moderate to heavy snows in the mountains. Keep the warm coat handy as it will be needed with the chilly blustery weather coming up.

Some light freezing rain was possible along Highway 14 today in the Gorge but not lasting long. A winter storm warning was up for the Mount St. Helens area with 2 or 3 feet of snow expected there.

It can get really wintry here, as I recall Dec. 6, 2013, where we were at 21 degrees with strong northeast winds and a couple inches of snow on the ground at my home in Salmon Creek. Not that extreme for now but we have a long way to go yet this winter. Take care.