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Feb. 4, 2023

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Working in Clark County: Luke Goodman, owner of Out of Darts

By , Columbian news assistant
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Small business owner and online content creator Luke Goodman is CEO of Out of Darts, which produces custom Nerf guns, modifications and other accessories.
Small business owner and online content creator Luke Goodman is CEO of Out of Darts, which produces custom Nerf guns, modifications and other accessories. (Photos by Taylor Balkom/The Columbian) Photo Gallery

Children of all ages are likely to have fond memories of epic summer backyard battles and high-intensity Christmas morning clashes with Nerf guns firing and foam darts flying.

For small-business owner and online content creator Luke Goodman, the fun didn’t stop with growing up.

Goodman is the owner and creator of a foam dart gun customization company, Out of Darts.

The Vancouver business takes the classic foam blaster toy and gives it a grown-up glow up. Modifications can include simple cosmetic changes to make blasters more unique and personalized to the wielder’s tastes. Or the toys can be modified to offer faster fire rates, longer range, additional ammunition, and more.

“Nerf modding is a blast for all ages, from my 5-year-old daughter to my 80-year-old uncle. It’s truly a hobby for kids of all ages,” Goodman said. “It develops problem-solving, mechanical and electrical skills and encourages us to get up off the couch and bond together as family and friends.”


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A creative and fun-loving person, Goodman has always had an affinity for modifying Nerf guns and blasters, but has only recently been able to turn his hobby into a full-time job.

Prior to creating Out of Darts, Goodman worked for 12 years as a professional filmmaker in the corporate and commercial film industry. He spent his free time working on his YouTube channel,, and making what was initially meant to be a one-off project, his modification for the Nerf Rival Zeus dubbed the “HIRicane.”

Made of PVC, glue, tape, and some minimal electronic additions, Goodman showed his creation to his then-100 subscribers and was blown away with the positive response. After the video got 400,000 views, Goodman had fans from all over begging to get their hands on their own HIRicanes.

Flooded with orders and now working at least 45 hours a week on what was originally intended to be a hobby, Goodman decided it was time for a career change. He officially started Out of Darts in 2015.

Now, seven years and more than 100,000 subscribers later, Out of Darts has grown into a full-fledged business offering a variety of products and services.

What was once a solo mission has grown into a small but dedicated team of seven, working daily assembling parts, finessing hardware, shipping orders, and developing new products for a passionate customer base.

Out of Darts now uses 85 3D printers to manufacture nearly all their custom products in-house.

Of course, that many machines require a lot of materials. Goodman and his team have made a commitment to running their printers as sustainably as possible.

Out of Darts works directly with another Vancouver-based business, Protopasta, which supplies Out of Darts with the filament used in the 3D printers.

“Protopasta’s filament is 100 percent USA made and 100 percent USA polymer. This means all the materials haven’t been transported as far or packaged as much,” Goodman said. “We are also working with them to completely recycle failed prints, test prints and more! We will soon have filament from them called ‘Out of Parts’ which will be made of recycled parts from our various projects.”

With business thriving and their YouTube viewership growing, Goodman and his team at Out of Darts are proud to be part of Clark County’s community of local businesses.

“There are thousands of businesses like mine, for all sorts of different niche hobbies,” Goodman said. “Us small businesses offer top-notch customer service to support a community of makers and creators of all ages. In an Amazon-dominated shopping world, I love that there are so many local creators and passionate hobbyists filling specific gaps.”

Foam sharp-shooters and Nerf battlers of all ages can stock up on last-minute ammunition and customizations before their big holiday battles online at