Saturday, June 25, 2022
June 25, 2022

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Letter: Kraft should not hold office


I wonder if state Rep. Vicki Kraft reads The Columbian, in particular letters the editor. If not, she should, so she can get an idea of what an utterly poor decision she made to attend Mike (“My Pillow”) Lindell’s worthless conference in South Dakota on the taxpayers’ dime. Her trip expenses should have been paid out of her own pocket, or from her campaign funds.

Kraft is what I describe as a real “piece of work”: an outright, unabashed, conspiracy theorist who buys into Trump’s Big Lie. And now, she has decided to run for U.S. representative in Washington’s 3rd District. God forbid that this ignorant, misguided woman should ever be elected. In my opinion, she should do four things right now: one, reimburse the state treasury for her expenses; two, apologize to taxpayers; three, resign from the Legislature; four, drop out of the 3rd District race. Kraft should not be in any elected office.

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