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Sunday, June 4, 2023
June 4, 2023

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Letter: Make changes to Mill Plain traffic


On Dec. 6, while I was waiting for what seemed an eternity for the westbound Mill Plain bus to arrive, I came up with some ideas of how to improve the traffic flow.

One, have traffic cameras installed. Some people don’t know what a solid red or left turn arrow means.

Two, either put a bigger “do not block the intersection” sign up at Mill Plain and S.E. 120th Avenue or put up a picture of a fire truck that starts flashing yellow when the traffic lights go from green to yellow. Common sense should tell you not to stop in the middle of an intersection. That way the cars traveling north and south don’t have to squeeze around your vehicle when the light changes.

And three, put up a no-turn-on-red sign at S.E. 120th and Mill Plain like they have on Mill Plain and Chkalov. This will enable more westbound Mill Plain traffic to get past the intersection without those turning right from S.E. 120th Avenue taking up the space. Some of the westbound Mill Plain drivers have to wait for a couple of light sequences before they can move up past S.E. 120th Avenue.

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